Healthkind enables healthcare teams to deliver personalized care at scale.

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We’re an early stage technology venture that helps healthcare organizations mine and utilize their data — to find operational efficiencies, foster new revenue opportunities, and strengthen patient relationships.

We believe emerging technology — data science, NLP, and generative AI — can dramatically reduce the communications workload, rebuild strong therapeutic relationships, and help deliver on the promise of patient-centered care.


Comms Automation + Personalization

We’re building AI/NLP-based tools to help clinics communicate with patients in a less burdensome, more efficient, more personal way.


Efficiency + Revenue Insights

We leverage the data in clinics’ communication systems to find operational efficiencies and uncover revenue opportunities, exposing these insights to our clients via dashboards and actionable reports.

We’re the team behind Akira Health

Akira app

Our previous venture, Akira Health (now TELUS Health Virtual Care), was Canada’s first and largest B2B virtual primary care service.

We built an advanced technology platform and a clinical team serving 3 million Canadians through app-based text and video.

Akira app

At Akira, we saw the potential in applying AI to healthcare communications. Using our dataset of patient-provider interactions linked to health records and operational data, we developed ML models to predict patient needs and optimize clinical resources.

At Healthkind, we’re starting from scratch, working on ways to bring data science and machine learning to patient-clinic communications in the wider healthcare system, starting with primary, specialist, and allied health care.

We’re uncovering insights hidden within everyday patient-clinic messages.

I’m so sorry! I'm going to be 10 min late for my appt today
My work meeting ran late
Patient is employed; may have access to health benefits; conscientious; history of late arrival for appointments.
Thanks for letting us know Meg! FYI there might be a short wait when you arrive.
Today 4:42 PM
Hi Saqina! Can I rebook with Dr. Levine? My fluoxetine rx may need titration
Patient has high medical literacy; proactive about health; motivated; expressed mental health concern.

We’re automating communications, with personality and empathy.

Really sorry, my daughter is sick today. I'll need to reschedule my appointment.
Automated email reply example
Responses to routine inquiries can be automatically generated, freeing up clinic staff from repetitive work and speeding up operations.
We mine past interactions to build individual profiles and enable more personal communication.
Summarization and intent extraction allows admin staff to act on patient requests more efficiently.

We’re building software that integrates with, automates, and enhances clinics’ existing comms systems.

Unified, multichannel, admin team inbox NLP/LLM-based analysis & automation Natural language comms, actionable analytics, oh my!
Unified, multichannel, admin team inbox NLP/LLM-based analysis & automation Natural language comms, actionable analytics, oh my!

Healthkind's smart inbox turns communications into tasks for the clinic admin team. Our large language models, fine-tuned for clinical communications, allow for automatic, personal responses when appropriate. Behind the scenes, our platform builds individualized profiles to help surface patients' needs, personalize future engagement, and strengthen relationships.


We’re building next-gen healthcare for humankind.

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